AOI Chemical INC is a major Japanese coporation producing materials for concrete construction industry, including crack Bond System, waterstops, joint fillers, quick setting cement and epoxy adhesive.

Some of the products manufactured and supported by AOI

  • Crack Bond System – constant low pressure epoxy injection for crack repair
  • Bond Ring-W – hydro-swelling rubber waterstop
  • Bondtop – fast curing epoxy compound for wet and underwater application
  • Kiss Sealer – unique waterstop product that can be bonded to freshly mixed concrete
  • Serocks – quick setting cement used to stop water seepage

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Crack Bond System
The AOI Crack Bond System is a method to inject epoxy materials into cracks using the Crack Bond Injector by low speed and low pressure constantly. In this method, epoxy resin, which has excellent adhesive strength and durability is put to practical use. This system ensures injecting such epoxy based materials into every concrete corners, including the smallest of cracks.

Bond Ring-W
It is essential for concrete constuction to remain watertight between concrete segments. High quality water stop sealant should be used. Bond Ring-W is a hydro-swelling performed sealant that has a high level of watertightness under the most demanding conditions. It is extruded and vulcanized based on hydro swelling resin and synthetic rubber compounds. Size range from N-2, N-3, N-4 through to NS-3.

Serocks - Quick Setting Cement
Serocks is a quick setting coment used where water seepage of varous degree is caused. Serocks mixed with water will provide heavy paste wihch effectively prevents water flowing. Serocks is used in all works which require harderning of cement, such as in joints of segmented structures, humes, box-culverts and tunnels.
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